Officina Sbaragli Stefano s.r.l.

Mechanical Workshop

Founded in 1950, the Sbaragli workshop has specialized in the production of drying machines, attaining a success which has confirmed its place Among the leaders of this sector, and producing machines which are Today spread over most European and non European countries.

Conveyor belt dryers for loose fibres

Feeders for loose fibres

Conveyor belt tensionless dryers

Ovens for heat setting of polypropylene crimped tows


Type "SD"

Modular design for easier addition of supplementary chambers at a later stage. Machine frame on carrying strcture made of steel sections and cold-printed sheets......


Type TP/S

The oven TP/S is designed for the thermosetting of tows of synthetic fibres (PP - POLYESTER - POLYETHYLENE - ETC. ) . two separate units, one for hot and one for cold, process are the innovation of this machine, and make it different from the traditional thermo-setting ovens.

Hopper feeder

The hopper feeder CA/2

This machine is designed and built to open directly the dyeing cakes with high density. The hopper feeder CA/2 is built by steel sheet at wide thickness, in order to hold the heavy cakes of material tumbled by the tilting device, and open them.